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Mamaroneck, NY-10543
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Antipasti ( * Please allow a minimum of Four days in advance for preparation for starred items. Thank you.)
Hot Antipasto
Half Tray:$50 | Full Tray:$90
Description: Eggplant Rollitine, Stuffed Mushrooms, Clams & Mussels And Shrimps Oregenatta & Stuffed Peppers
Chicken Fingers
Half Tray:$35 | Full Tray:$70
Mozzarella Sticks
Half Tray:$40 | Full Tray:$75
French Fries
Half Tray:$20 | Full Tray:$40
Buffalo Wings
Half Tray:$40 | Full Tray:$75
Fried Calamari
Half Tray:$45 | Full Tray:$80
Fried Calamari Siciliano
Half Tray:$50 | Full Tray:$95
Clams Oregenatta
Half Tray:$50 | Full Tray:$85
* Cold Seafood Salad
Half Tray:$50 | Full Tray:$90
Fried Seafood Combination
Half Tray:$50 | Full Tray:$100
Mussels Oregenatta
Half Tray:$45 | Full Tray:$75
Fried Zucchine Sticks
Half Tray:$40 | Full Tray:$75
Half Tray:$25 | Full Tray:$50
Stuffed Mushrooms
Half Tray:$30 | Full Tray:$60
Sausage & Peppers
Half Tray:$40 | Full Tray:$80
Homemade Meatballs
Half Tray:$40 | Full Tray:$75
* Tripe Livornese
Half Tray:$45 | Full Tray:$90
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