599 East Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck, NY-10543
(914) 777-1056
(914) 630-2786
The overall service is excellent , the food is always fresh and delicious , and the pizza is usually good as well.
Local Tripadviser
Pizza Gourmet is the next best option. Pizza is good, calzones are excellent, and service is fast. Unfortunately the days of $1.50 slices are long gone and your best bet for value is to split a pie with a friend or three. I definitely recommend this pizza joint.
Ask and you shall receive. Start with a wonderful salad, or a fish salad. The various fish, shrimp, clams, calmari over a bed of macaroni amazingly tasty and better then many of your upscale Italian restaurants. The veal chops, steaks, lamb chops are also excellent and of course a simply foccia pizza all very flavorful. Lemons and olives add flavor and the owner and chef add the Sicillian touch. Ask Phil what you like or how you like something and he will prepare it.
JDMello -Scarsdale
The best pizza in Westchester as far as I am concerned. I've heard dozens of people praise Sal's, but I don't think their food comes even close. Phil the owner and Vincenzo the staple of the place are fantastic. They are always willing to please and are willing to rectify any situation if you are dissatisfied. Even after I moved I still come back to my old faithful.
jim o. New York, NY
More than just pizza, everything they make is great and fresh! If you are in the mood for a really good vegi pizza, try the pizza primavera! Owner Phil always goes out of his way to please. Sals may be the famous one in Mamaroneck, and where you should go if you want a slice of sicilian pizza. However, for anything else, you'll find me at Pizza Gourmet!
David S. Mamaroneck, NY
We were looking for a place off the Hutchinson that served whole wheat crust pizza.....and Pizza Gourmet delivered! They also have gluten free pizza as well. This is pretty astonishing considering this is not some place that looks like it was spun out of some hippie college town. Pizza Gourmet is a tiny pizza shop with about 10 tables for a dining area, that really looks like any "XYZ House of Pizza" that dots New England and New York. We were a bit skeptical, but they came through. The service was friendly and the pizza was delicious. The whole wheat pizza was great, and I got a slice of the "regular" pizza just to check it out, and it passed with flying colors.
Dan C. New York, NY
These guys have been around for a while, and it shows- they aim to please. This is the spot for a slice and a glass of vino!
Dean M. White Plains, NY
Best pizza in Westchester.
Rich W. Mamaroneck, NY
Don't let this small typically very crowded restaurant turn you away. You won't find a better Pizza/restaurant anywhere in Westchester. The food is always prepared fresh. If you don't see what you want on the menu owner Phil will do his very best to try and make it happen
Joe M - Mamaroneck,
Thanks so much, Nino ~ for the delicious pie, wonderful service and quick delivery. we really enjoyed our pizza tonight! we'll be ordering from these guys whenever we're craving pizza, that's for sure.
Jennifer P - New York, NY
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